Dashboard App’s Compared: Twitter

If you haven’t heard of twitter yet, you must be living under a rock. The  interactive site is a way to let people know what you’re up to. Twitter is already extremely easy to use, so why not make it easier to use? Twidget, Twitgit, and AirMailr all strive to do this in the form of a dashboard a.k.a. widget’s

Twitgit, is made by Ben Ward, it  is the reigning king in it’s ease of use. When you first lunch Twitgit you are presented with a user name and password screen, after those are entered you are taken to a list of your followers  tweets and a simple text entry form with a send button at the end. Their is no option’s what so ever in Twitgit, which may make it a big turn off or a simple way to update your status.


The next widget may not be the easiest to use but it is, the one that will give you all the web features in the widget form! The name of this app is airmailr, and it’s quite cool. Airmailr allows you to look at your friends latest tweets, view messages addressed to you, send and recieve Direct Messages, use twitter’s search feature and of course tweet. Airmailr is the only widget that gives you any real settings. It allows for notifications, changing of text/avatar sizes and more! Although this app does sacrifice some ease of use as just to get up and running you have to exit the application, it may be worth it for some users that want a web like experience in their dashboard


   AirMailr Whole










Twidget, is developed by Aqua Box and allows you to simply update your status, gives you a look at the last 20 tweets whether that’s everyone’s, or only the people who you follow, there is also an option to hide other’s tweet’s which makes it an affective way to quickly update your status. The supreme feature of Twidget is the ability to DM, reply and favorite messages, although airmailr has this ability and more Twidget does this while not sacrificing to much of it’s ease of use.

  Twitget's Splash Screen twidget-main1









In conclusion all of these apps are good twitter apps for your dashboard, as far as choosing one, it all depends on how you want to use twitter in your dashboard. I reccomend Twitgit for any one who wants to send out a quick tweet. I suggest Airmailr for those who can sacrifice ease of use for features, and I say Twidget for something in between



Thanks for reading!


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